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About Us

Our institution is founded by Shree Prakash D. Kavthekar, we as an organization is known for our social constructive services from last 39 years, mostly all over in Bombay and in Maharashtra.

We are as a nonprofit organization, are trying to provide services related to health, education, sustainability, vocational training, empowering women, and child development. Our main motto as an organization is to create equal opportunity and well being for everyone.
Therefore, as an organization, we are trying to be working with the group of poor, migrant, abused women and children that are neglected, school drop outs and senior citizens. Furthermore, as a nonprofit organization, we are trying to identify different awareness and social issues in order to create a better social health value.

As an organization, the value of us is to create a social culture that works with the women to create an empowered society for family and children and a society where children are educated and empowered with their rights, as depending on these factors’ creation of a better human society along with suitable area can be created which will create an impact on the livelihood of the entire population.
As a nonprofit organization out plan and mission is to have collaborated with the donors, governments, and non volunteer and non-government bodies to implement and develop the vision of educating and organizing, and strengthening community wellness in a positive manner to create a positive impact on society as well.

On the other hand, our provided services are being carried by our dedicated team of volunteers as without them, we as an organization are unable to create any impact on society. Moreover, every volunteer of our team is dedicated to providing the best services to our desired audience, and our diverse working groups are coming from different areas and occupational backgrounds of the area, which is responsible for creating an impact on the performance value of the organization.
On the other hand, our board of trustees and supporters are also ensuring the fact that we as an organization are capable of providing the best foot forwards to the development of our society. Therefore, we as an organization are aiming to be more upfront in the social awareness actions in order to meet the social needs of better empowerment, equality, education, and health.

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