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Refund policy

  • Refund Policy

  • ADS Sanstha has organized a donation refund policy to guarantee reasonable and straight-forward preparing of solicitations for refund of donations as advanced instalments are turning out to be more successive. ADS Sanstha expects that all benefactors will practice due care and tirelessness while making donations. ADS Sanstha additionally perceives that a donation might be made mistakenly or benefactors might alter their perspective. ADS Sanstha will look at demand for refund of donation and attempt to make the refund. ADS Sanstha may likewise look for appropriate clarification and reason from the client. Likewise, it will require further confirmation of the client and need records of verification just as for donation.

    ADS Sanstha isn't obliged to make refunds and may, in its tact, decrease any solicitations for refund of donations, especially if an assessment exclusion testament has been given.

    Your refund demand should contain the subtleties, for example, Date of Donation, Amount of Donation, Mode of Donation for example Charge card or Online Payment and should arrive at ADS Sanstha office inside 7 (Seven) days from the date on which you made the donation i.e.:

    • The date on which you Made the donation on the web, electronically or through different means, OR The date on which you Handed over the check/request draft to ADS Sanstha or somebody approved via ADS Sanstha for this reason, OR The date on which you Despatched the check/request draft to ADS Sanstha by different means.
    • The refund interaction might set aside time 7 to 30 working days relying upon the accessibility of the data from outsiders like Payment Gateway, Banks, and so forth through which exchange is finished.

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